Classic Scotch Egg



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Our wonderful rare bread pork sausage meat, seasoned with homegrown herbs and freshly ground spices,  then wrapped around one of our lady’s eggs and cooked to crunchy perfection.

Package Size

Single, Box of Three


The scotch eggs are at their very best on the day of purchase. They should be stored in the fridge, preferably in the original packaging, in a paper bag or something else breathable. They have a shelf life of 5 days (if you can resist them that long!), but the wonderful crunch of the fresh scotch egg gradually disappears over time. We do not recommend freezing them.


Free Range Pork, Free Range Eggs, Breadcrumbs (Wheat Flour, Yeast, Salt, Water), Mustard, Rapeseed Oil, Chopped Herbs (Sage, Parsley, Chives, Thyme), Dried Sage, Milk, Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Mace


Eggs, Milk, Wheat Flour, Mustard