Our Farm

We are lucky enough to live on our little farm in the beautiful Cotswolds. Here we raise a variety of free range animals and have a passion for supporting rare breeds. These breeds are usually rare because they grow at a slow rate and are therefore not popular with big, commercial farms. However, this slow and natural growth produces a meat that is well worth the wait!

We feel the meat from such happy and independent animals is amazing and demand from friends and neighbours exceeds what we can produce. We began the Cotswold Scotch Egg Company as a way of allowing more people to experience our meat and what better way than in the beloved scotch egg.

Our pork comes from our Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, one of Britain’s oldest breed of native pig. These friendly, laid back pigs are ginger with black splodges hence their nickname, the plum pudding pig. This breed has twice faced extinction so we are trying to do our bit to keep these wonderful pigs for future generations.

We have also have a small flock of Portland sheep, a rare British sheep breed believed to date back to Roman times. Unusually both the ewes and rams have horns and the lambs are born with a red coat that they gradually lose. These small sheep are renowned for the quality of their meat. Indeed, George III was a fan of their mutton and insisted on it. The Rare Breed Survival Trust classifies these beautiful sheep as “At Risk”.